DOWN-THERE basics(instructions)

If you are on a quest for fitter Love-Muscles the answer is

KEGELS-the right kind of KEGELS. About 30 percent of women

who do these exercises are doing them wrong. One common

mistake: relying on the thigh muscles instead of targeting the

pelvic-floor muscles, which form a sort of hammock from your

pubic bone to your tailbone, they help hold your pelvis organs in

place, are key in controlling urination and contract in a very feel-
good way during orgasm. You can’t be shy if you want to learn

how to target these muscles correctly.

First, prop your hips upon a pillow, pull your knees up and look at

your lady part with a small hand mirror. Try to squeeze the vaginal

opening closed by pulling in and up. Your perineum, the patch

of skin between your vagina and anus-should appear to retract.

(Pretend you are trying to stop from passing gas, or you can also

try to clench your muscles as you are stopping the flow of urine).

Once you’ve got the hang of it, contract and hold for five seconds,

then release. Do this 10 times in a row, three times a day, each

time in different position-standing, sitting, lying down,- to use

slightly different muscle fibers.

All of our vaginal weights are amazing at perfecting these

exercises as well as all of the vaginal balls, insert and hold in

place while doing low impact activities like putting away the

dishes or folding clothes. Start out by using the lightest ones and

then work your way up, by the end of the week you should be

able to walk around, bend down and keep it in… By keeping up

with your KEGELS you will be taking blessedly fewer trips to the

bathroom. You should be able to pulse, hold and relax. All things

a woman with strong healthy love muscles should be able to do.