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See it, feel it to Believe it!!!    Elevation of innovation.  The first ever amazing KEGEL Exerciser that automatically tones and strengthens the Pelvic muscles.  Five incremental speed of  electro stimulation.

See it, feel it,  to Believe it.  Elevation of Innovation. The first easy to use KEGEL exerciser that automatically tones and strengthens the Pelvic Muscles. Five incremental speed of electro stimulation. Inflation pump operates with gentle squeeze and deflates with quick air release valve. Includes Electrode Gel to intensify the Electro Stimulation. Dual stimulating contact enhanced Pelvic contractions. Created, design tested and MFG. in the USA. Clean before and after each use, water based lubricant recommended.

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Weight 1.3 oz

5.00" x 1.25"

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